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Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels

We specialize in printing custom Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal labels. They are available in hundreds of sizes. We offer both options in paper or durable polypropylene. A variety of adhesives available include- All Temperature, Hi Tack Aggressive, Removable and Ultra Removable. Choose options below for a fast price.

Direct Thermal Labels vs. Thermal Stransfer Labels: What's the Difference?

While they may seem similar, there are some key differences between the two that could make a big difference in your labeling decisions.

What Are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal labels are a type of label printing that uses heat-sensitive materials that react to thermal energy to produce images without the need for a ribbon or toner. This type of label printing is a great option for custom labels as it can be done quickly and cost-effectively. Direct thermal labels have a longer shelf life than other types of labels, as they don’t require a ribbon or toner to print the image. They are also resistant to scratching and smudging, making them ideal for businesses that handle items frequently. The cost savings of direct thermal labels makes them an attractive choice for companies that need to print large quantities of labels.

What Are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal transfer labels are a type of label printing technology that uses a combination of heat and a ribbon to transfer a durable, high-quality image onto a substrate. Thermal transfer labels can be used to create custom labels for a variety of applications, from product identification to inventory tracking. Unlike direct thermal labels, which rely solely on heat to create images, thermal transfer labels use both heat and a ribbon to create sharper, more durable prints that can withstand exposure to harsh elements. Thermal transfer labels are ideal for labeling products that will be exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, and other harsh conditions. Additionally, the print quality of thermal transfer labels is superior to that of direct thermal labels and can be used to create sharp, detailed designs.

Which Type of Label is Better For My Needs?

When selecting the right label for your needs, you’ll need to consider the type of label you require - direct thermal or thermal transfer. Direct thermal labels are typically used for short-term applications, as the printed images are sensitive to heat and sunlight. These labels are designed with a coating that will darken when heated, so no ribbon is necessary for printing. This makes them great for basic, on-demand label printing with custom labels such as barcodes and shipping labels. Thermal transfer labels require a ribbon to print, but the printed images are resistant to heat and sunlight. This makes them great for more permanent labeling applications such as product identification and asset tracking. With thermal transfer labels, you can produce more intricate labels with custom logos, barcodes and text. In conclusion, direct thermal labels are best suited for short-term applications while thermal transfer labels are better suited for more permanent applications. Ultimately, the right label for you will depend on your specific needs. If you’re unsure which type of label is best for your needs, it’s best to consult your sales representative who can help you select the right label for your application.

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