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Special Applications Labels

Coupon Labels

Coupon labels are a great way to add an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) or rebate to a product without the need for special packaging. The coupon label is constructed of two layers. When the coupon portion is removed, the bottom layer remains affixed to the packaging while the coupon portion is removed without any remaining adhesive.

Self Laminating Labels

Self laminating labels allow a user to write or type on the label, then remove the remaining liner and complete the lamination over the entire label. Self laminating labels are great for calibration labels, asset tags, warehouse tags or anywhere else there is a need for a durable label that needs to be written on. Self laminating labels are available in either Matte Litho paper stock or Matte Polypropylene for added durability. Our most popular sizes are listed below.

Static Cling Labels

Static cling labels will adhere to any smooth and clean glass or metal surface. Static cling labels are a great choice for any temporary application. Our most common sizes are listed below. Static Cling Labels are available in many different sizes, please call for a custom quote today!

Tamper Evident Labels

We offer two types of Tamper Evident Labels: Void labels and destructible vinyl labels. Void labels will leave a “VOID” pattern on the surface and the label will not be able to be reused. The destructible vinyl label will not be able to be removed in one piece, but rather several very small pieces making it impossible to remove and reuse the label. Tamper Evident labels are a great choice for asset labels, warranty labels or any other application where tamper detection is desired.

Bumper Stickers

Consecutive Numbered Labels

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