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Label Material Specifications

Common Label Stocks

WHITE OR YELLOW GLOSS: Very lustrous finish, ideal for product identification. (Not recommended for writing, typing or computer application).

WHITE MATTE: Excellent custom finish look. Coated, but with a flat surface. This material can be hand written on, or used for product identification. (Not recommended for typing).

WHITE EDP (SMUDGEPROOF): Our uncoated material is very porous; excellent in high speed printing applications where drying time is critical. (Excellent in data processing, typewriter, and wet ink application).

FLUORESCENT: Very attractive material with a matte coated finish. Our stock colors include red, orange, chartreuse, pink and green.

FOIL: Our foil is laminated to paper and has a metallic appearance. Available in bright and dull gold and silver. (Not recommended for writing application)

THERMAL TRANSFER: Specially coated paper for use in a thermal transfer printer. Thermal transfer printing works by transferring a heat activated ink from a ribbon to the label substrate.

DIRECT THERMAL: Specially treated paper for use in a direct thermal printer. Direct thermal printing works by small computer controlled print heads that heat the surface of the label, causing the heated areas to turn black.

LASER/INKJET: Our Laser and Ink Jet paper is specially formulated for use in today’s laser and inkjet printers. Available in gloss, matte and an uncoated finish. It is important to determine whether an ink jet or laser printer will be used, as each is specifically formulated for that specific printing method.

CLEAR: Our clear label stock is 2 mil polypropylene.

VINYL: Our white vinyl is very durable and weather resistant. Vinyl is the right choice whenever the label will be exposed to the outdoors or any other harsh environment. Lamination is suggested with vinyl labels.

POLYESTER: Polyester is our most durable label stock. Our polyester label stock is resistant to most oils, solvents and moisture. Available in white, bright silver, imprintable silver(dull) and brushed silver. Lamination is required for durability.

TAG: Tag stock is a paper material without adhesive. Our tag stock is available in gloss, matte, thermal transfer and manila.


PERMANENT: Our general purpose permanent adhesive is supplied on all labels unless otherwise specified. Permanent adhesive will have a strong adhesion to the surface. Typically, labels with permanent adhesive cannot be removed without damaging the label. Permanent adhesive is right choice in most applications, unless specific needs such as removability are required.

REMOVABLE: Our general purpose removable adhesive will allow the label to be removed from any coated surface without label destruction. Over time, the label may become permanent.

ULTRA-REMOVABLE: Our ultra removable adhesive allows the label to remove easily from the surface. Often, the label can be removed and reapplied somewhere else.

ALL TEMPERATURE (FREEZER): Our all temperature adhesive is a permanent adhesive suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. The labels can be applied in cold environments suck as a freezer (to -20 F.). The service temperature of the labels is between -65 F. to 200 F.

OPAQUE (BLOCKOUT): Used in applications where you need to cover up incorrect information or block out an area where the label will be applied. The adhesive is dark gray in color and may affect ink color.

Label Protection

LAMINATION: Lamination is a clear poly film that is applied over the printed label. Lamination protects the label against handling, moisture, some chemicals and abrasion. Lamination will not prevent the ink from fading.

UV VARNISH: UV Varnish is a protecting coating applied to a printed label and then cured under a system of ultra violet lights. This creates a hard, semi gloss protective coating. UV Varnish will not prevent ink from fading.