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Inks and Coatings

Ink Selection

STANDARD INK COLORS: 21 standard ink colors are available at no extra charge. The 21 standard ink colors are shown below.

METALLIC INKS: Metallic inks are available for an additional charge.

CUSTOM COLOR MATCHES: Custom color matches are available for an additional charge. We can match a PANTONE color (PMS) or we can match an existing piece of printed material you may have.

4 COLOR PROCESS: Four Color Process printing uses the 4 process colors (CMYK- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to print in full color.

SPECIALTY INKS: Many specialty inks are available including UV ink, fluorescent ink and scratch off ink.

Stocks and Ink Selection

The stock selection will have an impact on the ink color. The same ink will appear different on gloss as it will on uncoated stock. Uncoated absorbs more ink and tends to appear darker. On gloss stock, the ink will transfer to the surface without absorbing providing a sharper more brilliant appearance. Color of the stock or background tint color also needs to be considered when selecting ink. On Fluorescent stock, most colors will appear different than they would on a white surface. Therefore, usually black ink is recommended for Fluorescent labels. Ink printed on clear stock will appear less opaque and translucent.

PANTONEĀ® Matching System (PMS)

The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. PMS books come printed in both uncoated and coated stocks. Be sure to specify the stock and use the corresponding book when selecting the PMS color.