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flamingo label catalog

Our Catalog

Take this price book everywhere. Our catalog has retail pricing to show your customers. It will also give an overview of what type of labels your client requires.

Credit Application

We offer our customers Flamingo Label Credit Line. Once you’re approved you can receive up to 30 terms on most orders. Simply fill out our credit application and fax it back or  Click Here Register Online

credit application
order form

Order Form

Use our order form as a template for customer orders. This information is critical for proper order success.

Label Dispensers

Download our latest label dispensers options. Easy to use!

distributor information

Distributor Information

Learn how you can open an account, and gain access to 30 day terms.

Proper File Submission Recommendations

These tips can be useful for optimal printing output. Having a proper art file is crucial in producing high quality labels. Please review our recommendations.

art submission